Fine Motor Skills

Crafting Precision and Dexterity in Little Hands

Kollaborative Healing Therapy supports the development and enhancement of fine motor skills in children. Our therapy assists in improving small muscle movements in the hands and fingers, crucial for tasks like writing, buttoning, and using utensils. Therapy includes personalized exercises and activities to enhance coordination, grip strength, and dexterity.

School & Home Function

Empowering Independence at School and Home

Kollaborative Healing Therapy addresses the challenges children face in their daily activities at school and home. Our therapy aims to develop skills necessary for academic success and independent living, including organizational skills, time management, and basic self-care routines. Therapists work closely with families and educators to create supportive environments.


Embracing and Enhancing Neurodiverse Abilities

At Kollaborative Healing Therapy, we support children with neurodivergent conditions such as ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders. Our therapy provides strategies to manage specific challenges, enhance learning, and improve social interactions. Therapists tailor interventions to each child’s unique needs, promoting their strengths and abilities.

Behavior & Regulation

Nurturing Emotional Intelligence and Positive Behavior

Kollaborative Healing Therapy focuses on aiding children in developing affective behavioral and emotional regulation skills. We offer techniques to help children understand and manage their emotions, leading to improved behavior, social skills, and overall well-being. Therapists employ techniques to assist children in understanding and managing their emotions, reducing instances of disruptive behavior, and fostering positive social interactions.

Sensory Processing

Harmonizing Sensory Experiences for Balanced Living

Kollaborative Healing Therapy aids children with sensory processing issues. Therapists help children who are over-sensitive or under-sensitive to sensory inputs like touch, sound, and movement. The therapy includes activities designed to help children appropriately respond to sensory stimuli, improving their focus, behavior, and participation in daily activities. We develop individualized activities and strategies to help children respond appropriately to sensory stimuli, enhancing their focus, participation, and comfort in various environments.


Compassionate Care for Your Child’s Journey to Healing

At Kollaborative Healing Therapy, we integrate psychotherapeutic methods to address the emotional and psychological needs of children. We use child-friendly techniques like play therapy and cognitive-behavioral approaches to support mental health, build resilience, and foster emotional well-being. We address emotional and psychological challenges faced by children.