Long COVID Treatment

Restoring Wellness, Navigating the Journey Beyond Covid

Kollaborative Healing Therapy offers specialized care for people of all ages experiencing long-term SARS-Cov-2 (Long COVID) symptoms. Understanding the complex and varied nature of Long COVID, our approach is holistic and personalized. We focus on managing persistent symptoms such as fatigue, cognitive difficulties, health, and neurological issues, employing a combination of therapeutic techniques. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life, support recovery, and facilitate a return to daily activities.

At Kollaborative Healing Therapy we specialize in navigating the complex landscape of Long Covid. Leveraging our extensive expertise in Long COVID, Cognitive Rehabilitation and Pediatric Therapy our dedicated team stands at the forefront of addressing the unique challenges posed by Long COVID, supporting individuals on their journey to recovery. Providing treatment since Long COVID emerged, our therapists work in some of Canada’s prominent Long COVID clinics and treatment programs.

Comprehensive Cognitive Rehabilitation

Long Covid often brings cognitive challenges, affecting memory, concentration, and executive functions. Our treatment approach involves comprehensive cognitive rehabilitation, tailored to each individual’s needs. Through evidence-based interventions, we aim to enhance cognitive abilities and support building a meaningful daily life.

Daily Life Skills Management

Adapting to the changes brought about by Long COVID requires a nuanced approach to daily life skills. Our Therapists work collaboratively with clients, offering strategies and interventions to manage activities of daily living effectively. This includes adaptive techniques for self-care, energy conservation, and task prioritization.

Role and Identity Redesign

Long COVID can alter one’s sense of self and role within relationships and society. Our therapeutic interventions extend beyond physical symptoms to address the emotional and psychological aspects of this journey. Through role and identity redesign, we support individuals in rediscovering a sense of purpose and fulfillment amidst the challenges presented by Long COVID.

Collaborative Education on Long Covid

Understanding and navigating the complexities of Long COVID is a key aspect of our treatment approach. We prioritize collaborative education, ensuring that individuals and their support networks have the knowledge and tools to actively support individuals with chronic health conditions. This includes staying abreast of the latest research, treatment modalities, and self-management techniques.

Sensory Sensitivities and Autonomic Dysfunction Support

Long COVID can manifest in sensory sensitivities and autonomic dysfunction, further complicating the recovery process. Our Occupational Therapists are certified in the “Safe and Sound Protocol,” a Polyvagal therapy-based intervention. This unique modality effectively addresses sound sensitivity, emotional regulation, and autonomic regulation, providing a holistic treatment approach for Long-term COVID and associated mental health conditions.

The Kollaborative Healing Long Covid treatment program is designed to be both comprehensive and compassionate. With treatment programs designed for children and adults, Kollaborative Healing provides comprehensive support for Long COVID. By addressing cognitive, physical, and emotional aspects, we strive to empower individuals affected by Long COVID to reclaim their lives and build resilience for a brighter future. At Kollaborative Healing Therapy we are dedicated to being partners in recovery, guiding individuals and families with expertise, empathy, and a commitment to their well-being.